Twin Engineers
Twin is a key player in this latest phase of radio broadcast technology, producing transmitters that are fully compatible with all the digital transmission methods being used.

We have established ourselves among the leading Manufacturer of Radio Broadcast - including FM Community requirements, TV Broadcast equipments and RF Components products with innovations and always focusing on reliability, Cost, Quality and Delivery.

We are providing Products and Services in the following Business area at most competitive price:
  • TV Broadcasting Equipments - TV Transmitters and Broadcast accessories
  • FM Transmitters and accessories
  • Broadcasting antennas – TV and FM
  • Telecom Products
  • RF components- RF Load, RF attenuator, Divider, Combiners, Direction couplers
  • Installation and Maintenance of Broadcast and Navigation systems
  • Repairing of Modules
Fabrication Division
We have established Fabrication facilitates at our works. We are undertaking Fabrication work for Conveyors for Power Projects, Structural work for Chemical plants. We have dedicated team to understand project need and fabricate as per drawings in a most economical way.
500W UHF LPT [1+0] TV Transmitter
Exciter for TV Transmitter
UHF / VHF Power Amplifier
F.M. TV Transmitter
50W UHF VLPT TV Transmitter 
500W VHF LPT [1+1] TV Transmitter  
500W UHF LPT [1+1] TV Transmitter  
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