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Microwave, Infrared & UV Technology

Twin Engineers is a leading manufacturer of Microwave Dryers in India. E – Drying is a new Innovative concept of drying by applying high frequency electromagnetic energy to substance. When the material to be dried is conveyed through Microwave field, the water molecules in the material reorient constantly to align with the changing field. This movement generates heat inside water molecules and makes entire mass of water to evaporate it uniformly without heating the product externally.

This new process is faster, consistent, controllable, productive, cost effective, efficient and uniform.

We are manufacturing Microwave Tray Dryer, Microwave Conveyorised Dryer, Microwave Rotary Dryer, Infrared Continuous Dryer, E sterilization System for different type of applications like food processing, Rubber Industry, Textile Industry, Chemical/ Pharma Industry.

This new Technology is more effective in Final Bound moisture Removal which is difficult in Conventional Drying Method. This Technique extends Food Shelf life with Preserving its nutrients, taste & Texture.

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